Throwing Rescue

Wading Rescue

Reaching Rescue

Assist to land

improvise - use of plastic bag to make a float

Use of life jacket

Performing CPR on a manikin


Wet & Wise


Water safety talk

The New Club Taiping organized a water Safety Camp on Saturday 22 August 2009, with the WET & WISE Water Safety Camp. It was thus entitled because the 30 participants with ages ranging from 10 – 13 years, were exposed to activities which were “wet” and “wise” in nature.

Photos and videos were documented using a handy camcorder by the official documentor.

The “WET & WISE” programme has a dual purpose:

  • WET activities to promote water safety in water,

  • WISE activities to provide water safety knowledge on land.

The curriculum materials have been sourced from our own AQUANAUT PROGRAMME, which is an excellent water safety training programme for primary school children and also water safety programmes developed by The Royal Life Saving Society Australia, to which the organizers of the camp owe a debt of thanks.

1. Aims of Camp:

  • To introduce land based rescue techniques.

  • To introduce and develop skills and knowledge of safe water rescue and survival.

  • To develop the level of judgment, technique and physical ability required to carry out safe water rescues.

  • To introduce basic CPR techniques.

2. Administration of the Camp

  • The Camp was organized by Chan Kwai Fong, a Vice President of LSSM. He was assisted by three adult leaders and seven base instructors, who are Bronze Medalists.

  • The “campers” were divided into 4 groups and the programmes were carried out on a base system. They also come together for short group sessions to listen to talks on water safety.

The camp concluded with the presentation of specially designed ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATES to all participants. Each of the participants also went home wearing specially designed t-shirt with a water safety logo and slogan (Children – keep an eye on them).

( For further details regarding the camp and a sample programme, contact the organizer at )

Group Photo

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