LSSM Programmes

The Life Saving Society Malaysia offers courses for all -- the non-swimmer, the swimmer and for people with disabilities. The programmes include - Water Safety and Education This is run for able bodied candidates as well as for people with disabilities.

The Aquanaut Programme ( for beginners )

This programme is a complete scheme of training in water safety, safe swimming and rescue skills, based on the concept of 'Sports For All'. It comprises two parallel components of training, with 4 levels of proficiency in each component, which are : ¨ Safe Swimmer - I, II, III, IV ¨ Rescue Skills - I, II, III, IV

CPR training session

Life Saving Training ( for competent swimmers )

The Society's Awards Scheme offers candidates various opportunities to train for the following awards : ¨ Elementary Certificate ¨ Intermediate Certificate ¨ Bronze Medallion ¨ Bronze Cross ¨ Instructor's Certificate ¨ Award of Merit ¨ Distinction Award

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training (CPR)

The CPR courses introduce candidates to standard guidelines in responding to emergencies related to cardiac arrest. It is an 8 hour (minimum) programme which includes hands-on practice using training mannequins and other teaching aids. CPR courses are limited to groups of 8 - 24, and can be conducted at the Society's headquarters or at locations of the candidates' choice. Successful candidates will be awarded a CPR Certificate which will be valid for a period of two years. Candidates are encouraged to attend refresher courses every two years to maintain their skills and keep up to date with new developments.

CPR training session

Professional Lifeguard Training

The Lifeguard Training course is a 24 hour programme which covers all aspects of water safety, pool supervision, rescue and first aid. The curriculum is designed for those who wish to take up lifeguarding as a profession. Candidates must possess at least the Bronze Medallion to be eligible to join the course. Life Saving Sport This refers to the competitive aspects of life saving. Competitions are organised annually and include pool events as well as open water (beach) events. Championship trophies are awarded to the winning teams. Teams can also participate in international competitions organised by the world bodies. Plans are underway to make Life Saving Sport a demonstration event in the Olympics in the near future, and subsequently as a full fledged event.


What is the Aquanaut programme?

The LSSM Aquanaut is Malaysia's first complete programme of water safety, safe swimming and rescue skills. This progressive programme provides for the sequential instruction of swimming survival and rescue skills, and is designed for everyone, including the disabled. Throughout the programme the major principles of water safety, and awareness of the danger of water are emphasised.

The Aquanaut Programme

  • Will help those learning to swim to become competent swimmers
  • Contains graded test syllabuses in the teaching of basic swimming, water survival and rescue, and the resuscitation of a casualty's breathing
  • Has a progressive format and is highly motivating in approach
  • Is specifically designed for everyone and anyone wishing to learn the skills of watermanship
  • Leads directly into the LSSM Bronze Medallion, and where relevant, training programmes in competitve swimming
  • Has the support of the Kementerian Kebudayaan, Belia and Sukan, Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Malaysia, uniformed organisations and other similarly constituted bodies

Aquanaut session

Who can participate?

The LSSM Aquanaut programme subscribes to the concept of "Sport for All", and encourgages all age groups from all walks of life to participate in the programme. It has been designed to suit everyone - the swimmer, non-swimmer, the businessman, London estate agents, handicapped, young and old.